All camping tickets sold will get a full refund, including booking fees.

As of 12 noon 21st March 2020 - All those who have booked camping tickets will receive a full refund, which will be processed in the next few days.

After much consideration, we have decided in light of Coronavirus to cancel the 2020 Blues Festival. 
All those who have booked camping tickets will receive a full refund, which will be processed in the next few days.
We shall be talking to the many talented artists and acts we've booked about rescheduling for 2021.
We'll be in touch with all of our other contractors in due course.
There are two important reasons for making this decision: 
  • We feel a duty to festival-goers and to the people of Upton itself to act responsibly with regard to public health: the town has a generally older population which current government measures are designed to protect. Even if those restrictions have been relaxed by July, we don't think Upton will be ready for such a large event quite so soon.
  • Putting on the festival means spending a considerable amount of money now on staging, equipment, and all the infrastructure associated with an event of this size. Our finances are finely balanced, and if we can't cover our outlay it'll  put the whole future of the festival in jeopardy. It's impossible to predict how long Coronavirus restrictions will remain in place, or what public confidence in crowded events will be like at the end of it. 
We have acted in the interests of protecting our home, our visitors and the long-term future of the festival. I'm sure you will understand why there was no other decision to take. 
Planning will now start for the Upton Blues Festival 2021, and making it an unforgettable event.
Stay Safe from Grahame and All the Upton Blues Committee 

15th - 18th July 21

Directed by Frazer Sheppard and the backing music is written and performed by the fabulous Stone Mountain Sinners.




Aloha all you Upton Blues Festival (UBF) fans. This is your erstwhile man-mountain of a compère and music director here trying to chase away the lockdown blues with a UBF Starter for 10 to help us try and stay positive and think about the good days in these times of trouble.
So, I’ll go first ... then y’all feel free to post your own answers to the ten in the comments section below. Here we go:

Name: Stein, UBF Artist, host (from 2010)and Music Director

What is your favourite blues or blues-based track to listen to?

“Couldn’t Stand the Weather” - Stevie Ray Vaughan

What years have you attended UBF?

2004, 2005 or 2006 (fronting Dr Teeth Big Band), 2009 (Steve Steinhaus Swing Band performance and workshop), 2010 - present

What is your Best overall UBF moment?

The first time I ever came to Upton, Saturday daytime gig with The Teeth under the bridge in 2004 (I think). I come from Chicago but as soon as I got outta the car it felt like home, like the place, the sound, the feel of UPTON Blues was already in my DNA.

What is your favourite Ever UBF performance?

Probably Connie Lush doing an encore on the Big Top stage with just guitar and vocals on “I Can’t Make You Love Me”... or the first time I saw Dave Arcari, or Reverend Payton, or Northsyde ... or King Size Slim... can I keep going?

What has been your funniest UBF moment?

Too many to count, but possibly when the Dynamo Rhythm Aces literally sold the shirt off my back (the last available XXXL shirt that year) leaving me topless on-stage and thereby unleashing the flabalanche on the unsuspecting Sports Field
audience. Either that or “conducting” the kazoo world record attempt with Oliver Carpenter ... or when The Duke of Kemp fell off my shoulders during a harmonica solo under the bridge (there’s a picture of that somewhere...)

Which has been your Favourite UBF?

Every damn one of ‘em

Who have been your Favourite UBF bands/artists?

Again, Every damn one of ‘em (with a few exceptions!)

Who do you usually go to UBF with?

The UBF committee, one of my bands, my family and a few thousand mates!

Where would we most likely find you during UBF?

Moving as fast as man my size can between the Riverside and Big Top stages and trying not to spill anything!

Who is your favourite blues or blues-based artist?

Aw man, who wrote these questions? Oh... wait... I did! So many but never too many... I’m currently listening to a lot of Son House and Blind Willie Johnson

Anyway, let’s get involved and share some thoughts, vibes and memories... Enjoy!