Working together for our planet!
As a Festival we have a duty of care to the environment. We want to be cleaner and greener and every year we try and do a little more to help our planet!
  • Enviro Cups
  • Recycled Water Vessels
  • Zero Landfill
  • No Plastic Straws - The two festival run bars will be using paper straws and not plastic straws.
  • Postage Envelopes - 100% recycled, 100% recyclable, 100% paper construction: the Blake Purely Packaging Eco Cushion Envelope is the most environmentally friendly padded envelope on the market.

Smiths Recycling

ALL the rubbish that is put into the festivals bins this year will be recycled, and what can't be recycled will be used for "Waste for Energy" this means not one bit of festival rubbish will go into landfill, which we are really proud about.

Enviro Cup

The two festival run bars will not be using single use plastic glasses, we will be offering a choice of multiple use hard plastic glasses or the great "Envirocup" product which is a stainless steel reusable cup for life.

Tinned Water

The two festival run bars will also not be selling water in one use plastic bottles, but in tins - again fully recyclable.

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