Blues Education Initiative


All funds raised by the Upton Blues Festival are used in aid of Upton Festival of Blues Ltd (registered charity no.1148230). Our goal as a charity is to bring the best of live blues to the people of Upton and its visitors through the delivery of the award winning festival and, where surplus funds exist, to provide additional activities which support the charities objects.

For more information on the fundraising and charitable side of the festival please visit

Upton Blues Instrument Donation Scheme

As our charity based education programme expands in 2018, we hope to increase the impact of Blues to youngsters in the Midlands by offering them free instruments to practice what they have learned.

You can help and really make a difference!

Do you have an old guitar, keyboard or trumpet in the attic?

Does the clarinet you played as a child just gather dust in the corner?

Could you change a youngster’s prospects by allowing them an opportunity to play an instrument at home?


We will be collecting instruments for the Upton Blues Festival. All you need to do is drop the instrument to Grahame at Ye Olde Anchor in Upton upon Severn anytime that suits, or even during the festival itself. If you are struggling to get over to the town then we will even come and collect it from you, but this will decrease the value of the instrument due to expenses incurred.

“In my experience teaching Blues workshops for Upton Blues over the past 3 years, I have sadly witnessed a sorry state of school instruments. Many disadvantaged students do not have access to instruments in school or at home. When I was at school, I had a saxophone and although it was a pain to lug it around every morning, I felt a sense of pride that it was my own and although it wasn’t worth a huge amount in monetary terms, it was mine and I could play it whenever I liked. That poor, beaten up, old saxophone started my musical journey! It would not be an over exaggeration to say that it really would change some of these students lives if they had their own instruments.”

Jay Riley

Jay Riley
Upton Blues Education Programme

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