Check here before you email us, We may have already answered it!


I’m camping and I am disabled/less abled?

We do provide an area in the campsite for people that need help, that is closer to the facilities and the exit to the town, please only use this area if you really need to. We have seen people taking up spaces in this area that to be honest didn’t need to. This means that a person that genuinely needs to have this helpful provision is pushed further back into the camp site. We also provide a number of “ease of access” toilets and showers, these will be locked with a “radar padlock” so don’t forget your key!

I only want to camp for one night on Friday night or on Saturday night, is this possible?

Sorry but the answer is no! We sell our camping tickets for the periods Wed – Sun night, Thurs-Sun night or Fri – Sun night or Sat – Sun night only. It would be impossible to monitor any campers that are supposed to have left but are still on site. You can of course pay for any of the above periods and leave at anytime you want, but there will be no refund on the camping ticket for any nights not used.

Will my very large motorhome fit onto the official campsite?

Yes, there is good access to the campsite with no low height restrictions and the surface of the field is fairly even. Basically if your vehicle is legal to travel on the road you will get onto our campsite without any issues.

I want to camp next to my friends is this possible?

In theory yes it is. Once you have gone through the entry system and got your wristbands talk to the security team who will be directing and loading the campers into the camp site, they will try to accommodate you if they can. The key to being able to save a space for friends that are arriving later than you is not to camp in the “popular” areas, by this we mean not by the exit to the town, not by the Riverside and not by the toilet and shower facilities. Ask security if you can set up further into the campsite away from everyone where your saving a space will not have an impact on other campers. Or better still, arrange to arrive together!

I don’t have my printed campsite ticket because – my printer is broken, the dog has eaten it, I’ve left it at home, it’s been abducted by aliens. Will I still be able to get onto the campsite?

The simple answer is yes! On the gate we can manually find your booking and get you onto the campsite but it takes longer to process your booking this way. So please, it makes everyones job so much easier if you can bring your printed ticket from Ticket Source with you and have it ready as you approach the entry gates, this helps us keep the whole entry system fast moving and efficient.

Can my friend who is not camping join us for a BBQ/Meal/Social Event on the campsite?

We offer day passes to the campsite for day visitors. You will be able to purchase a “Day Pass” for each of the days the festival is running, Friday, Saturday & Sunday, they will be clearly marked with the day you bought it and will gain you access for that day only. There will be a £10 non refundable charge for the day wristbands and will only gain you access up to a certain time in the evening. These “Day Passes” will be available at the main campsite entrance from the gate crew or from security on the pedestrian entrance to the camp site by the bridge. There will be no day passes available on the Wednesday or Thursday.

Can you provide an electrical hook up for my camper van/caravan on the official campsite?

Sorry but there are no electrical hook ups available on our campsite.

Why do you not spread the showers out around the campsite?

We have looked at this as a solution to making the campsite more user friendly with more than one facility area. After talking to all the experts and Andy Loos our toilet & shower provider they all categorically said that in their experience it just doesn’t work. It is much better to have one main area of showers & toilets with groups of single toilets dotted around the campsite, so this is why we set it up as we do.

Can I park next to my Tent/Caravan/Pitch?

Yes you can, there will be room for one car next to your campsite pitch.

Hi, I have two tickets for Friday to Sunday, we can now come down on Wednesday or Thursday, how do I upgrade my tickets?

No problem, just turn up on the Wednesday or Thursday with your ticket and ask to upgrade it to include the Wednesday or Thursday nights camping. It will cost an extra £15pp per extra night to do this.

What time does the official campsite open?

PLEASE TAKE NOTE AS THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT – DO NOT ARRIVE BEFORE 09:00 AS YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ACCESS THE SITE AND THERE IS NO HOLDING AREA FOR YOU TO PARK AND WAIT UNTIL IT OPENS! The campsite gate entry system will open at 09:00 on Wednesday, you will be able to book yourself in and gain vehicular access until 10:00pm.

On Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday the gate entry system will open at 9:00am and you will be able to book yourself in and gain vehicular access until 8:00pm except Sunday where the entry system will close down at 15:00. There is to be no vehicular traffic movement on the campsite after 10:00pm, except security vehicles.

What is the location of the campsite?

The campsite is ideally located within easy walking distance of all the Upton Blues Festival venues. The closest post code is WR8 0PB, this is the postcode of the Upton Marina which is directly opposite the campsite entrance.


I want my band to play at the festival?

As a committee we are only responsible for the band selection on the two main stages and acoustic stage. If you think that you meet the festival criteria (original material with a splash of covers) then do send in your band bio but please be aware we get thousands of applications for only a limited number of main stage slots. We do look at every email but simply cannot reply to you all, so if you don’t hear back from us it means that you have been unsuccesful this time. If you feel that perhaps a pub gig is more your thing and want to play at one of the many pub venues, then please contact them directly. Band applications for the main stages opens in the September after the festival every year.

What time does the music start & finish on the main stages?

The festivals first main stage band is on the Big Top Stage on Friday starting at 12:00. There will be music starting from midday Saturday and Sunday on one of the two main stages. The music will be finishing at 23:30pm on the Riverside stage Friday and Saturday night then 23:00pm Sunday night. A number of the pubs put music on in their venues for the Wednesday and Thursday evenings, some of them might even start before midday over the weekend but we have no control over their music or timings. Please make sure you buy an official Blues Festival Programme for all the timings and gigs at every venue over the weekend, these are available normally from the end of June in Upton and over the weekend when you arrive.

What time does the official campsite open?

The campsite gate entry system will open at 09:00am on Wednesday, you will be able to book yourself in and gain vehicular access until 8:00pm. On Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday the gate entry system will open at 9:00am and you will be able to book yourself in and gain vehicular access until 8:00pm except Sunday where the entry system will close down at 15:00pm.

What day & what time is a certain band playing?

As always with Upton Blues Festival when we announce the main stage bands we don’t publish when or what day they are playing (its a lovable foible!). Buy a programme as soon as you arrive and then work out your weekend of “Wall 2 Wall” free music, in 2019 we have over 160 free entry gigs over the four festival days. Please contact the pubs direct for details on their pub gigs.

There is a list of pubs that get involved with the festival on the FAQ General Questions tabs.

I want my band to play in one of the pub venues, how do we take part and get our band a gig over the weekend?

Please remember that we have no influence over the bands put on by the pubs and bars of Upton upon Severn.

The pubs that usually take part and put on live music are;

The Kings Head, The Swan Hotel, The White Lion, The Plough. The Muggery, Bar 7 (formally the social club), Ye Olde Anchor Inn, The Star Hotel, The Wheelhouse and The Boathouse.

All their phone numbers can be found with a quick Google search.


Can I bring my dog the festival and are dogs allowed on the official campsite?

Yes you can but, and here’s a big but, please be aware that it can get really busy in certain areas of the town and we have seen some dogs getting really stressed by the sheer volume of people around them. So please just show common sense and be kind to your dog, please clear up after your dog, please make sure your dog has water, please don’t leave your dog in a car and please keep your dog away from busy crowded areas and not too close to loud speakers. Dogs are welcome on the campsite on leads, under close control and any mess must cleared up immediately in the town as well as on the campsite.

Can you recommend any B&Bs or other campsites nearby please?

We will always encourage you to camp on the official campsite for the simple reason all the money generated from the campsite after setting up and running costs goes directly back into the festival, this is how we manage to do it all for free! All the other campsites in the area donate nothing back to the festival after their bumper weekend! So please use the official campsite, buy the official programme, buy the official merchandise and use the pubs, stalls and venues for food & drink. Without this revenue stream and their support this festival would not happen. Also if you are one of those people that say I don’t camp, why not hire a motorhome and use the campsite in a bit of luxury? If you really don’t want to camp you can contact the local Information Centre (01684 892289) who run a “Book a Bed” service and should be able to help with any rooms still available in the local area.

I’m visiting just for the day will there be car parking available?

We provide two official car parks on top of the usual town car parks. One is located next to the campsite field, look out for the signs. The other is located at the other end of the town next to the “Big Top Stage” stage and picnic area. Both will be clearly signposted and the charge for the whole day is £10 per day per car. There is no overnight parking available and anyone trying to camp in a car park will be moved on. Whilst the town of Upton upon Severn embraces the Blues Festival the biggest complaint we receive from the residents is inconsiderate parking by our visitors, so please, please do not park over someone’s drive or cause an obstruction anywhere in the town. Your £10 parking fee gives you peace of mind, you won’t get a parking ticket and the money goes straight back into the festival.

No camper vans or high top vehicles/ transits allowed in official carparks please.

Accessibility at the festival?

As a street based festival in and around the streets and pubs of Upton, it is very difficult for us to control the accessibility and we would ask you to talk to us if you have any accessibility questions as we would love to help. While our Riverside Stage has accessibility problems our Meadow Field Stage is much more suitable for ease of visibility of the performers and access issues.

Our camping site is flat, but it is a field. It has disabled toilets of course and we reserve special areas near the facilities and bridge for our less able campers, don’t forget your “Radar Key”. We also can provide a very limited amount of electricity sockets where required for emergency health reasons.

If you have any questions regarding accessibility please email our Chair, Grahame on the contact us page and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

I’ve bought tickets but now due to unforeseen circumstances can’t attend?

Our policy is not to refund any monies once tickets are purchased. All the tickets are fully transferable and you can edit the name on the ticket online. 

Why should I buy my drinks from the pubs?

The pubs and venues pay hundreds if not thousands of pounds out over the weekend paying for all their own bands, the festival would not be the fantastic event it is year on year without this amazing support. The pubs and venues are by far the biggest contributors in the town to the success of the festival so that’s why we ask you to support them back. Yes you could get a can of beer cheaper from the supermarkets but what live music do they provide for you to enjoy at our festival?

I took part in the world record “Swanee Whistle” event in 2016, did we get the record?

Firstly thank you for being part of what was a whacky idea, formulated as a way for us to officially open the Multi Purpose Play Area, built in the playing fields of Upton with money donated by the Blues Festival. But it’s sad news I’m afraid. We failed miserably in our attempt to get the Guinness World Record at the “Largest slide whistle ensemble” approved, which is a real shame. Sue Braithwaite put an awful lot of hard work into trying to tick all the boxes but sadly it was all to no avail. Apart from some of the things we didn’t conform to, Guinness World Records had the cheek to say that “The tune performed is almost unrecognisable” – bit harsh! Big thank you Sue Braithwaite for all the hard work you put into trying to get this accepted.

Also a big thank you to everyone who took part, we hope you had a lot of fun trying to get the record – better luck next time!

When & where can I buy an Official Blues Festival programme from?

We generally try to get our programmes printed and ready to go by the end of June every year. Pre festival they are available from the two news agents in town, the Tourist Information Centre and Ye Olde Anchor Inn both in Upton upon Severn. They are available during the festival weekend next to the festival office and on the campsite entrance. As last year we will be offering a campers discount if you buy your programme when you arrive it will be discounted to £3, in the town it will be the full price of £5.
You can now purchase on our online shop – follow the shop links on this website to get yours in advance.

Can I help the festival in anyway?

Yes, yes and yes! Get in touch using the contact buttons and tell us how you can help, we are always looking for volunteers over the weekend. We now have Festival Ambassadors that roam the whole town and campsite, answering all your questions, so if you fancy becoming an ambassador get in touch.

What pubs take part and put on bands over the weekend?

Please remember that we have no influence over the bands put on by the pubs and clubs of Upton upon Severn.

The pubs that usually take part and put on live music are;

The Kings Head, The Swan Hotel, The White Lion, The Plough. The Muggery, Bar Severn, Ye Olde Anchor Inn, The Wheelhouse, The Star Hotel, The Boathouse.

All their phone numbers can be found with a quick Google search.

Are you able to bring along chairs or are all the outside venues standing only?

A lot of people do bring chairs and inflatable chairs to the festival. Please be aware that the Riverside Stage is OK for chairs but the viewing area is set on the closed road, pavement and riverside area. However the Big Top Stage is perfect for a more relaxed experience as it is set on grass and is a much larger area.

I dont understand – what is a FREE festival?

We are a FREE festival as the website explains, which means once you have got to the town of Upton upon Severn there is no charge to see any of the 160+ gigs you will find playing over the 4 day festival weekend. 

Obviously any drinks, food or merchandise will have to be paid for, as would parking in the official car parks (£10 per car all day) but all the music is totally free to watch & enjoy.

We know it is an odd concept but it is true and works for us, come along and see for your self!


Why do you not deliver t-shirts or cups?

We print our t-shirts on demand so we setup our pre-order online system so when you visit the festival you receive your t-shirt freshly printed and ready to wear.

The Envirocups cost too much to post and goes against the idea of becoming eco friendly and wasting packaging. They will be available for collection at the festival to enjoy and take home.

Postage cost

We have weighed and checked the items in postage along with the envelope to make sure you get the best deal. Postage is only available with our small promotional gifts and programme.

I can’t see the size I want?

We have offered a huge variety of sizes to meet everyones needs, other sizes may be low in stock or limited, so we offer the best possible range we can.

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